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Stage shot of Kristin Light. Close up as she looks off left and smiles. She wears a headset microphone.

Changing Mindsets on
Mental Illness & Neurodiversity

Meet Kristin Light

Keynote speaker, senior engagement strategist & former vintage dance specialist Kristin Light has split her multi-decade eclectic career between the boardroom and the ballroom.

As a vivacious showgirl and co-founder of a successful events company, she was perhaps the last person you’d expect to be dealing with multiple physical, mental, and cognitive disorders. But following a brush with suicide that left her confined to a psychiatric ward, she now speaks out to provide real insight and practical strategies that demystify the facts surrounding mental illness and neurodiversity including inspirational (and often hilarious)  stories from her own personal and professional life.

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Past Appearances Include:

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Professional photo of Kristin, leaning on a mantle with her head on her hand. She has blonde hair and wears a brown t-shirt and copper pearl necklace.

Jason Reid
Invisible Disability Expert
Author "Thriving in the Age of Chronic Illness."

Kristin brings a refreshing honesty and relatability to the subject of mental health.

Her unique insight into depression and burnout is equally matched by her electric energy, engaging stories and actionable learning outcomes.

Jason Reid
Invisible Disability Expert
Author "Thriving in the Age of Chronic Illness."

Kristin was amazing. She was wonderful to have on the stage.

I have worked with Kristin in a number of capacities, and I have always been impressed with her.

Andrew Zimbel
Director of Sales and Marketing
Higgins Event Rentals

Re: 2022 Restaurants Canada Show

Stage shot of Kristin, mid-speech. She appears animated and wears a blue wrap dress.
Professional photo of Kristin, laughing and leaning over the back of a white velvet sofa. She wears a pink retro blouse with neck bow.

Kristin: On behalf of our team, I want to thank you so much for your workshop on Neurodiversity! 

Your authenticity, relatability and engaging style made the workshop enjoyable.

We appreciated your lived experience and your sense of humour throughout and the information you shared helped to inform our own programming.

Una Wright
Founder/Executive Director

YouthSpeak Performance Charity

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